Verge Currency (XVG) Partner Announcement – Will it be a Crypto Dud or Crypto Stud?

Verge (XVG) has been teasing some major news over the last few weeks. News about a partner that is unprecedented in the world of Crypto – a first of it’s kind.

In this video we talk about who the partner could be and the implications of the the news. Verge has a lot of hype to live up to, so this announcement could mean new heights for the coin or – like other coins who have hyped without delivery (Tron, Ripple) – another major Crypto Dud.


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  1. Verge definitely ,100 % sure partnership is with PAYPAL. The give away is in TokenPay's communication of what they are doing. They said " compared to PAYPAL". Because a big crypto will not mention someone big like PAYPAL to boost them if they not some how going to connect.

  2. Question. i was thinking investing in Verge but why in the hell would ppl have to pay verge so it can raise 75m to partner with someone? Something strange here!

  3. If not an exit-scam (which is highly doubtful because the dev's face is all over the internet), it might be a partnership with a company in which there's a high demand for privacy. My first thought is the porn-industry, something like pornhub could be a good guess and it makes sense.

  4. Sounds more and more like XVG made a deal w ADYEN , if so it'll be huge !! This partner owns one of the largest payment processors on the internet with several hundreds of businesses routing their payment traffic through them. The partner is going to be supporting Verge Currency by rolling out a global marketing campaign with continuous marketing effort throughout the year.

  5. On the 17th we will see for sure. There are a few options: the ones who had verge and sold it and it goes up will regret it big time or it's a scam and it dies out and someone will lose some money. I have a lot of verge I bought a long time ago and we will see how things go tomorrow.

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