TechRadar Talks – Apple Music First Impressions

The long awaited music app has finally launched on Apple devices but what’s the initial verdict? We discuss.


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  1. I think the service is great. Navigation is deep and somewhat confusing but im used to digging into a UI to find out how it works to make it more of an easier every day function. I've been a spotify user and switching over my library I've noticed a couple albums that are available on Spotify aren't available on Apple music such as the albums "Exmilitary" by death grips, "White men can be black men too" by Young Fathers, and "No Now" by Clarence Clarity which is odd since the artist has a page available on Apple music and it's just blank where as Death grips and Young Fathers just don't have the albums listed. Seeing how I shouldn't have to make compromises with music on a music service I plan on switching back to spotify witch is sad since I like the UI matching the apple experience with my iphone and functionality with Siri it's just the music that is missing is actually some of my favorites

    P.s. A small nitpick is that some of the albums art works are seemingly lower quality when in the player assuming problem is that app hasn't been optimized accurately for iPhone 6 plus or just another compromise

    Apple Music: 3.5 stars out of 5

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