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  1. I fail to understand why people bash Esports as trying to be sports. The pro gamers and humble fans don't give a shit about it being "sports" or "being athletes". They care about the eternal spirit of competition & mastery.

  2. I'm not surprised that these are getting more and more popular. If you think about it, we humans always liked seeing people fighting and killing each other in an arena. You know the colosseum? Of course, that was eventually discontinued for "ethical" and cultural reasons. But now, with video games, we can have those bloody arena battles once again and nobody gets hurt. That's why esports are going to become more and more popular.

  3. Can't wait for the league of legends compendium making the prize pool a retarded amount of money. Then dota will be left with just a better game.

  4. fuckin sad video gamer nerds sitting in mommys basement you think that makes you a pro just because a couple of nerds watch you play while ur in mommys basement playing? thats sad just sad…. get a real job kiddos this is just sad nerd shit you sad buddys

  5. Well done. Mainstream News segments on esports tend to be quite frustrating but this one was very well researched and presented. Thanks CNN

  6. Awesome interview. DJWheat did a great job telling what this is all about and that interviewer seemed like she was kinda into it. it was the best thing i've seen so far in mainstream media! Thumbs up!

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