Smartphone camera comparison: iPhone 6S v Galaxy S7 v HTC 10 v LG G5 v Huawei P9 v Xperia Z5

We’ve put some of the best flagship phones money can buy right now to the test. We pitted the iPhone 6S, HTC 10, Huawei P9, LG G5, Samsung Galaxy S7 – the Exynos 8890 toting version – and…


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  1. i compared a shot from htc 10 and an s7 both taken at the same time at and artificially lit are with medium light and the colors were a disaster on the s7… say what you will about samsung… they never get the color right, always too much yellow, even in pitch black there's a yellow tint to the image. HTC is far more natural.

  2. If it is "too dark", change your exposure.
    Terrible Camera review from someone who doesn't understand photography, or even how to look at analyse a photo.

  3. wow bud do you have any idea about the basics of photography?? lmao the galaxy s7 was over exposed in almost every situation yeah it has good detail but what's the good detail when the image does not look life like. I wasn't there but I can tell you that from your samples of the building at the start the huawei p9 and the iphone 6s depicted the closest to life images. and the images in low light…. come on man if someone is trying to take a photo of something under low light they would set up the light so that the subject has light on it and so that it can be worked with in an editor. lol you don't go in a dark room and take a family photo that would look stupid. also on the video side of things the iphone 6s was dead still where the galaxy s7 was a bit shaky . I really hope reviewers will one day finally get something right so people don't go out and buy shit they are told is amazing but in reality it ain't lol.

  4. samsung galaxy s7 is best camera but iphone is much naturale because we can say for s7 its good but its not too natural

  5. Sir please help me to choose a good rear camera and selfie camera smartphone with natural colours in LG G5 or Samsung Galaxy S6 or Sony xperia X ?

  6. i believe s7 and LG G5 camera are the best i personally use a LG G5 and tbh i also film my YouTube videos with it so make sure to check my channel and you can see how i use my LG G5 as a starter YouTuber and trust me i heard many good comments about my YouTube videos quality from everyone

  7. that is why there are the manual controls so you, the photographer, can adjust your image. these reviews should be specified. comparing cameras based on auto mode.

  8. This review is going to favor phones (not cameras) that do the best image processing. If you are looking for a camera and want to process your images yourself, the phones that scored the best are not going to be your choice.

  9. Dull is actually preferable. That means more data is stored, highlights aren't overblown, shadows aren't drowned. Look at footage captured with, say, an ARRI Alexa (6 digit price tag). It's as dull as it can get. The image looks almost black and white, there is no black, there is no white. It's all some shade of grey. It is also the camera of choice for pretty much all of Hollywood.

  10. ddid you get paid to talk bad things about sony ??

    i have xeria z5 and s7edge andd note5 and iphone6s and i dont think any device can beat sony xperia

    and did you know all of devices use sony camera ?

  11. look i haven't even begun to watch this stupid ass video and I jumped straight to the comment section as soon as I saw that shit-faced noob holding the phone acting in front of the camera ?

    and the reason I came here to say is that this guy will surely thrash the htc 10 in the comparison! I just know it before even watching the video because he never gives htc a fair shake. do you know how to actually review a phone or do you just talk shit out of your ass you clueless cunt?!! your reviews are shit and you just copy and paste. he just praises the iPhone and hates htc so I know for a fact that the review will be according to these factors. lame, fake, biased lying piece of shit! eat a dick bitch and shut your channel down!! ⬇

  12. Comparing the best smartphones with only TWO photos, one with different lighting in every picture, and NOT explaining anything professionaly but rather opinion and a scene by chance? Extremely dissapointing channel, go check Pocketnow's Real Camera Review

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