Crypto News: Bitcoin Bullish, TheKey Rollout, Nucleus Vision Apology, South Korea Premium

Crypto News: Bitcoin Bullish, TheKey Rollout, Nucleus Vision Apology, South Korea Premium

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  1. You guys know I enjoy your Channel. One thing I've learned in my life is never apologize for keeping things real. You guys keep it real Hit or Miss just keep being you

  2. You deserve all the comments Elliot! Thanks for bringing up the Ncash FUD, ditched my ncash couple of days ago. Going to stand and watch from the side for a little bit on that project.

    Really looking in to the thekey atm, sounds promising.

    Keep it up for #FUDnation and have yourself a wonderful day bro!

  3. I'm NCash holder and the Co. lied you guys called them on it, so good job! I just hope the Ncash CEO was just telling delayed truths.

  4. When did tky and ONT announce partnership? In cathrine Li AMA? Everyone assumed they would work together but i wasnt aware it was formally announced

  5. Great work – generally the Chinese projects have the issue of deploying their respective tokens and for that the Chines government need to create the mechanism for fiat to token and back. THEKEY has a functional business model providing dynamic multi-dimensional identification and will be adding the blockchain component before the years end. The benefits are too great for the Chinese government not to do their part.

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  7. hey you've reached 8k subs) you provide the community with super-up-to-date content man and the demand for such is enormous and keep growing)) so yeah – Fud TV baby!!))

  8. Elliot, you are talking about all my hodlings lately!!! Super Bully on TKY!!! I got into it as soon as it listed on kucoin. During the dip I filled up at below ICO prices. Thanks buddy!!!

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