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Can you make millions mining Bitcoin? Bitcoin Mining, is it profitable? Let’s go over all cryptocurrency mining!
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  1. Good stuff, Zach! I'm not at your level, but heavily invested in HashFlare for me. … LgwaNB6YFk7hFQ4PoEDDpJvKgWqYACvKZL

  2. I have 2 terahashes in bitcoin , price per hash has drop a lot since i brough. Now is time to buy!
    ltc: LMgLFNBEPyi3XSxTx6tCrCnoWCA6dnknTm

  3. I think it’s a good idea to shed light on mining as even though the crypto community is growing there are a lot of HODLERS like myself that don’t really know much about the mining aspect


  4. Whens POS happening? Going to HODL.. wait till I get my return and I'll get into Hashflare. Wish I had $6k lying around to throw into it..


  5. I was literally just about to invest and then the coupon for 25% off ran out. Now I'm going to do something else

  6. I would like to mine but I would like to gain some money 1st and it looks like things are looking up LR56NuLG9wigrBzkMAaCxQfSvhcUfY2NyZ

  7. Still feels like 'if it's that easy, everyone would be doing it'. But thanks for the info, definitely worth looking into.


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