Honor 9 hands-on review: Shiny P10, slashed price

The Honor 9 is a 5.2-inch screened smartphone with a stunning curved glass back, a respectable spec-sheet and a competitive price. We give you our first impression in this hands-on video review,…


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  1. I just got my honor 9 brand new and it overheats a lot, playing pokemon go for example. When I had a 2year old huaweii p8 lite that had no problems at all

  2. how is it wrt its sturdiness? Ie does it break easily if dropped? Is it as bad as the Sony Xperia Z1 which would crack in one's pocket?

  3. Thanks for the review!
    Between LG G6 and this Honor 9? do you see many differences? which one would you recommend? all comments welcome

  4. I have the Honor 8 and i'm happy with it. I just don't understand why they moved to fingerprint scanner to the front on the H9. It's way easier to keep it in the back cause it's already the place where you keep your finger and it's easier to press too.

  5. seriously Huawei ruined the P9 camera with no OIS and a weak GPU for the price
    and the P10 by using DDR3 ,EMMC storage instead of DDR4,UFC storage…
    honor is doing lot better despite being sub brand and they price them at a good

  6. I love my Honor phone but does anyone know why they made the width smaller like the Samsung S6? I personally think they shouldve kept the width like their Honor 6x and well as kept the fingerprint scan in the same position as said version.

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