Altcoin News – Crypto Ad Bans Temporary? Taiwan, Rare Bits, PayPal vs Crypto, CheapAir Bitcoin News

This is Altcoin news, from the world of Cryptocurrency. Today we look at LinkedIn’s co-founders outlook on crypto ad bans where he says they are temporary. Taiwan is also in the news as they aim to enforce cryptocurrency regulation by November. Rare bits has raised $6 million and its on its way to be cryptocurrencies answer to eBay? PayPal ever increasing fees will push people to cryptocurrency? Travel booking site CheapAir is switching bitcoin payment processors from Coinbase to Bitpay. We also look at updates from TRON, VeChain and IOTA.


PayPal’s Ever Increasing Fees Will Push Users to Cryptocurrency


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  1. You guys should look at XinFin (XDCE). I think you guys will like the project and especially the team/advisors. It's a sleeper in my opinion.

  2. Jeff can you tell the twitter team to stop randomly doing all these surveys? No content is better then constant notifications that dont are useless.
    Another great vid Jeff thanks.

  3. Thanks for the news! If you get a chance take a look at BABB! Their team is excellent and use case is badly needed. They are applying for a banking license in the U.K. and have big plans for disrupting remittance payments and using innovative tech like facial recognition software and social verification to allow banking services to the unbanked. 36 million market cap is ridiculously low so this is one of the few projects I could see 100x from these prices 🙂

  4. Check out these coins, big opportunities low m/cap.
    1. Obsidian (ODN) – messaging app with a working product and combats the data breach that facebook is facing sub 10m m/cap.
    2. Bonpay – this is an excellent token and is similar to TenX or Monaco. Except its marketcap is sub 10mill which means x10 to be the same as tenX or x20 for Monaco. It also has a working product.
    3. HUSH – great privacy coin with a very small market cap. Current price $1.50 ALT is $25.
    4. Upfiring – distributed data management – ATH $2.5 currently only .18c

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  6. "money laundering" is the excuse I hear from common people, who watch msm. That's why they keep out.
    Poisonous msm.

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