Crypto News: Bitcoin Bull Run! Binance Dust, APEX and Maserati, EOS Takeoff

Crypto News: Bitcoin Bull Run! Binance Dust, APEX and Maserati, EOS Takeoff


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  1. I'm still buying on the green days i don't give a fuuuuuuuck. might never see prices this low on some of these coins ever again. by the end of the year these prices will look CHEAP.

  2. Excited to see your excitement for some green! So I've watched a lot of each newscaster like altcoinbuzz and CCN and Supoman. By far your show is the best. Straight to the point sharing the most important information! WOuld love some pointers on some new coins that are of interest to you. Thanks.

  3. Great Odin’s Raven, some Apex coverage! Nobody is talking about this project… I keep saying it’s a slumbering behemoth, just wait and see! When Maserati?! ? Thanks Ellio, you da man!

  4. I've been getting so super frustrated with Binance because when I'm trying to do an important trade the whole network seems to freeze up and gets glitchy, so I'm looking at Kucoin… However the Dust feature is innovative and something that it seems to me should be the standard, I've gots to give Binance Kutos for that.

  5. As I understand it MEW was not hacked at all, Google DNS servers redirected people to a phishing site where they were tricked into entering their private keys. The hackers then used the legitimate keys to access MEW and remove funds. I'm not sure why people are blaming MEW for this, surely if anyone is to blame (other than the hackers) it is Google? Or perhaps I have misunderstood what has happened?

    Really pleased to hear that Binance is finally doing something about "dust", that has always annoyed me.

  6. That binance BNB/dust pairing is awesome!!! I scored almost a whole BNB. Very nice. It's a beautiful day outside, it's a beautiful day in crypto. I have been trading all morning. All this volume is awesome. So with MEW, as long as people dont enter their private keys, they are all good, yes? I have it as a chrome add on. I checked balances with and all good here.

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