Crypto News: Bitcoin Turns Bearish! ERC20 Bug, ICON Blockchain Fund, Snoop Dogg XRP

Crypto News: Bitcoin Turns Bearish! ERC20 Bug, ICON Blockchain Fund, Snoop Dogg XRP

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  1. An experienced trader would expect a profit taking day right after the accelerated price movement seen yesterday in BTC. Right now the price of BTC is trading slightly above its newly formed support area. I see nothing to worry about at this time.

  2. Thank you for the awesome update again.

    I hope you talk about SRN (finney phone) one day and the possibilities it will give to every one in the world to have easy and simple access to the cryptocurrency world.

    Thank you from a dedicated FUD TV fan!!!!!


  3. godamn. Last night, shit started going down, and I panicked and tethered. then it started to recover and I was like, "Oh shit, I shouldnt have done that!" So I moved it all back and went to bed. I woke up to the realization I should have left it tethered. I'm really considering tossing out this crystal ball. It aint working for shit.

  4. Thanks again for the insights Ellio, would I be absolutely crazy to pick up a few thousand Tron today? I am feeling a major FOMO attack at the moment.

  5. Snoop Dogg is going to make this pop for XRP.. Nipsy hustle has a coin/token he is developing.. I see more mainstream artist and Actors getting involved. Its just the beginning.

  6. Everyone freaks out when the market dips a bit, this is totally normal and healthy. 9k was a big resistance level which we just broke through, the hope was that when the dip came 9k would prove to be the new level of support which it is looking like at the moment, so I take that as a positive. People want to go up and up and up forever but it is unrealistic and not sustainable, if we go parabolic then we will just have another huge crash like the one we are just recovering from. IMO, steady growth with the occasional dip sprinkled in will benefit us all the most in the long run and lead to a healthier market.

    On another note, I tried depositing some NEO to Kucoin this morning and it still hasn’t shown up, went to the telegram and there seems to be multiple people experiencing the same thing.

    FUD TV for the win! ?

  7. Fo shizzle! Glad to see crypto going more and more mainstream (specifically Ripple) Oh and that Tron piece…too funny! "Now for my next trick, I will make Tron prize fall by tweeting about it" lol. He's a trip but GO TRON!!!

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