TechRadar Talks – Does Anyone Care About Tablets?

Apple’s iPad Pro and Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S2 are rumoured to be on the horizon. But with long upgrade cycles and the rise of phablets, is the tablet irrelevant?


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  1. Although i find my tablet to be very useful i do feel that there isn't a need to upgrade it. Im using an ipad 3rd generation which is about 3 or 4 years old! It still works like a charm. I use it for video calling and watching movies or youtube.

  2. not as near as much as smartphone and smart-watches that are on or around your body all day everyday that's why. no ones carries a tablet around all the time like.

  3. Ipad are not dying .. Sales are slowing…. just slowing down , of course they don't sell like phones so why expect big sales every year? Bytheway your videos are too short, you kind of rushing it to ords the end…

  4. I haven't had the opportunity to own a tablet before but I would love to own an iPad. I believe that the reason why tablet sales are not going so well is because tablets last for a long period of time so people don't feel the need to buy one each year when they get upgraded just a little.

  5. Yes there are things that a phablet can't and can do that a tablet does better

    Google has some Interesting revisions to the tablet but it hasn't done anything with tango

  6. I'm curious to see how the tab s 2 turns out. A lot of the problems with the first one already been fixed by Samsung. So I'm guessing it should be a good tablet.

  7. I have to agree that I think there is a market and demand for a tablet, especially for watching movies, as I feel even larger screen phones are to small for that! I do think that pricing is an issue as you can get a pretty decent sized 40 inch TV for the same price as a high end tablet. I'm an android type guy however I still don't think there is an android tablet that has given apple a run for it's money.

  8. I still care allot about tablets im gonna buy a tab s really soon. The reason they sell less is because of phones with large screens people bought tablets because of their
    Large screens. If the phone screen is large why would anyone need a tablet

  9. There's still a market for tablets…but tablets needs to be developed further to separate them from phablets.  Unique/special features as well as hardware designs  that you don't have on Larger scaled phones.  I can't think of anything at the moment but the manufactures should have project teams working on features that make them more desirable and complimentary.  I have more than one but I didn't pay initial high prices for them.  I waited a certain period of time when the prices made more sense. Mine are primarily used for media consumption and reading and some/limited gaming.  So I expect high level screens and powerful processors to meet my expectations.

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