The In-Glass Fingerprint Reader: Explained!

You haven’t seen a fingerprint reader like this. Yet. MKBHD Merch: Video Gear I use: Tech I’m using right now: https://ww…


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  1. Honestly, its a waste of tech. Do you really need on top of your screen? NO, as it just simply works fine if the finger print scanner is in the back just like in Galaxy S series and most of the other phones. As for complete bazeless phones, i honestly think the main concern lies in sacrificing the selfie camera not the fingerprint which already has a easy solution.

  2. I’m sure the reason we haven’t seen this technology in other phones is because facial recognition software is the future and that is the direction of most companies. This fingerprint reader on a display has been done before just not on a phone.

  3. iPhone X 1000$ has a face recognition which used before two years, and vivo is less price with new technology
    Apple is dead

  4. wait how can you still see what's on the display normally around the area where the sensor is at if there is a sensor blocking the display???

  5. Can you still paste a screen protector over the whole screen? Wouldn’t really look good if there’s a cutout in the screen protector to accommodate the fingerprint under the screen

  6. Interesting demonstration, but given FaceID works quite well and will no doubt become perfected in the future, why do we need an in-glass fingerprint reader? And if the answer is to ultimately design a bezel-less phone by removing the front-facing camera and other sensors (used for FaceID), how then would you accommodate Skype video calls and selfies?

  7. Why don't they combine touchID and Face ID? This would make stealing your phone even more hard if you had to scan your finger and face at the same time.

  8. 2018: notches
    2019: under display finger print readers
    2020: better be a new type of battery tech that lasts at least a week or fully charges in 5 seconds or im done.

  9. I swear I will never understand the fight against bezels.. One of the reasons I love the moto Z play so much is the bottom with the fingerprint reader and empty space on the sides that let's me handle the phone better.. These damn curved and bezeless screens make it almost impossible to hold your phone one handed without accidentally touching the screen.. It's ridiculous

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