Tech of the Year: Tablets!

Pixel C. iPad Pro. Surface Pro 4. What do these 3 have in common? Other Tech of the Year: Ars Technica on Pixel C: Video Gear I use: http://amzn….


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  1. I'm torn between a 12.9 iPad Pro or i5/256g/8g Ram Surface Pro for college.

    Both with keyboard + stylus is about $20 difference (iPad is cheaper)

    iPad would be my only Apple product, everything else is Microsoft/Android and I use Office Suite 365, but its not super 'tablet/portable' friendly

    iPad has that buttery smooth ProMotion display (I literally love it) and iOS works better as a tablet, but I have no intention on using ANY of the Apple suite of products so, knowing Apple, it would be really annoying to and more than likely require extra steps to use my Office Suite on the iPad than on the Surface

  2. In fairness though, if i want a laptop, I’d buy a pixel book or MacBook (more likely), not a tablet. When I buy a tablet I want a tablet experience, not a slightly worse laptop experience.

  3. tablet mode sucks. the windows os is not friendly to touch. My daughter's $100 android and wife's ipad can cast a movie to the tv and my $1500 surface cannot. Thats lame. No way around that. And dont give me that google chrome BS with the cast extension. Its not the same and you know it. the ms store is wack. My wife can sit on the couch and answer her cell phone and text from her ipad. Sadly my daughter can too with her $100 tablet and a google voice account with hangout. Me with the $1500 tablet cannot. They click one icon to access the alarm, dvr, thermostat, you name it. Me and my $1500 "tablet" browse to each site in MS edge. Dont get me wrong I love my surface and I am a previous MS fanboy (since the pocket pc days) but the surface is a laptop trapped in a tablet form factor.

  4. I have the 2017 surface pro the tablet experience great mabe come second to a new iPad….but definitely better for work related stuff

  5. Hey there, I need a suggestion urgently- Which Laptop to Buy?

    I dont play games, I need good processor & 2TB or at least 1TB drive for storeage (if possible SSD or 1TB HDD+128GB SSD) , touch screen & 360 degree rotation will be good, but not mandatory. Thanks in advance

  6. Anyone buying a tablet so be for the apps. Won't be doing any real computing. Easy choice.

    Android apps are designed for the phones.

  7. I would really like to see an update to this video with iOS 11 vs the newest Surface — I'd love for someone to do a side by side comparison of the time it takes to "multitask" in the iPad Pro dragging panels around and finding the right app or browsing the faux file system VS using a proper windowed environment on the Surface. I'm an Apple devotee, but the idea that iPad Pro is even billed as "Pro" or the words "laptop replacement" ever came up, drove me to buy the newest Surface.

  8. Thanks for this. It's an informative videos about this topic, which still holds up today. However there's an important note in your video which I'd like to help your viewers understand it better. Towards the end you say "They all want to be laptops, but they're not quite laptops.", to help people understand this deeply we need to add because they're supposed to be tablets not laptops in the first place so it is perfectly fine! We really need tablets to stay available as an option as laptop software applications are primarily designed to work with the mouse but tablets are good when you prefer to work without mouse aka mobile style applications but w/ a similarities level of productivity which you can get on laptops. In this video products such as Pixel C (as a tablet-laptop hybird), iPad Pro (again as a tablet-laptop hybird) and Surface Pro (as a laptop-tablet hybird) have all really pushed the concept of 2 in 1 forward. I'd like to see a Linux 2 in 1 device too. Furthermore how about 3 in 1 (mobile/tablet/laptop) devices? (Worth noting that HP has introduced one but it's still not there as you only get mobile version of Windows on it).

  9. Hey Marques,
    My wife started going back to school and would love to get her something for her to get her work done on it. She uses my laptop currently do her work but she likes to take notes the old school way by pen and a paper (has more to do with her liking to write more than type). Which option do you think is best for her to do school work, but also use the options to actually write her notes out electronically instead of on paper?

  10. The pixel C is not what I expected because it runs normal android but out of these three tablets, I would get the surface pro. The last tablet I'd like to see is the iPad Pro

  11. I have seen him promote apple so much. i feel he would be raving about the ipad pro had it been the best of the three. since surface is obviously better than the ipad as a hybrid, he ends up saying none if them is good. at least that is what i have observed.

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