Virtuix Omni: An Immersive Virtual Reality Gaming Experience

How do you elevate gaming to the next level? By virtually being in it. Virtuix Omni allows players to be fully immersed in their game by allowing them to literally …


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About the Author: Rackspace Studios, SFO


  1. This guy appeared on shark tank show. I loved the concept but unfortunately he did not get any investors just because they feared this would ruin youngsters !!

  2. What about crouching and proning? Maybe good for Halo, but I guess it's still some ways from CoD or Battlefield… WAIT. What if they were to add a harness that lets you get to a low crouch or prone if they extend the size of the thing? Like, the harness stays around your waist and what not but kind of has rappels around it so that if you stand back up, the thing just rappels back up into the machine?

  3. I like the rift thing because of the plus side which goes to framerate lag. You don't have to upgrade your pc's video card anymore, the rift is everything!

  4. they shold make it so that the rig ring so that it can move up an down so it can both stob you on the way down giving the feeling that you sit on something also it shold be strong enough to lift you so it feels like your jumping and flying.

  5. I'm giving away Virtuix Omni: An Immersive Virtual Reality Free if i get 3000 subriber 
    i'll be giving away 2 Virtuix Omni: An Immersive Virtual Reality

  6. lets be honest at this point this is just a really expensive 500 dollar controller(thats what they said they would sell it for on sharktank) it doesnt come with the 300 dollar goggles that are another company, nor the xbox or kinect lol thats a lot of money for gaming systems alone that will only last 6 years

  7. I have a question:  Wearing a Rift a cord is always dangling beside your head so when you turn around your body 180d on that tred mill n go back the way you come from then turn around again get back en-route (now you've done 360d full circle), your Rift cord wraps around your neck?  How do you overcome that?

  8. what i don't get is the walking. is it like when you where a kid and you slid across the kitchen floor in your socks or is it like your really walking. can you take full strides? i'm a big guy, 6'7 and am 310 pounds. I've seen 20 videos on this thing and everyone seems to be taking baby steps and pushing against the bar. really dose not seam to be vary realistic from the vids. i wanna see a tall fat guy use this and give real feed back on the walking. cause sliding on the kitchen floor is not real walking to me. also are there censers on the gun. cause i see people aiming but not even close to a target, they have to move there head to get it just right. might want to look in to that or explain how that's working. is it just the games your playing. cause arma 3 lets you look away from the gun barrow would be cool or more realistic to have a separate tracker on that too. oops sorry was just looking on feed back and got carried away. thanks   

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