TRON Releases Mainnet & McAfee Fiat Currency [Daily Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News]

TRON Releases Mainnet & McAfee Fiat Currency [Daily Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News] –

It’s finally here, Tron’s Mainnet! So why is it down? Also let’s take a look at the new John McAfee fiat currency and why it’s needed. Lastly let’s take a look at the market and see where Bitcoin is heading.

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  4. I'm definitely in it for the long term. But I like to know whats happenning more short term because if, long term, these cryptos go back to their all time highs and beyond like everyone is saying they will, every $10 profit I make from trades and reinvest will become upwards of $500. Just trying to stock up on btc before it goes back high.

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  6. I'm a huge fan of TRX, just wait… There is such power and support behind Tron. NEVER underestimate the massive power that China has. TRX hasn't even started to kick ass yet. FUD all you guys want you wont stop it.

  7. I think the following year will see a battle between EOS and TRON. One may win easily. Both will take business away from Ethereum. Vitalik better step up the TPS.

  8. Very nice video. Can't wait for new updated list..When you will be releasing it?
    McAfee fiat currency got to be joke. But i like the guy. He is one positive soul in this bearish mindset of people.
    I see that he is giving great exposure to some really potential coins lately on his twitter account without taking money. I still believe with what he says regarding privacy coins. They will be huge someday.

  9. It’s because people are selling the news. People are stupid and just “following the protocol” to the T and don’t even realize that Tron didn’t even run for them to buy the rumor. It’s funny how sometimes crypto is completely erratic and sometimes it’s completely by the book.

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  11. Macafee fiat currency LMAO this guy I would never listen too or invest with his currency. He just like all rest if wannabes crypto guru you see here in YT

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