Escaping a ZOMBIE INFESTED Apartment Complex in Virtual Reality (Contagion VR: Outbreak)

Definitely not a fan of horror games, so I’m not quite sure why I thought playing this zombie game in virtual reality was a good idea. At least I have a shotgun… and a broom. ➜ Download…


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  1. Big thanks to the viewers sticking around! Contagion VR was fun, but the demo doesn't have much to offer. Once the game is fully released I'm excited to play it for a video. In other news, we're almost at 400,000 subscribers and in celebration I'll be doing a giveaway of an HTC Vive! Stay tuned for more information once we reach the milestone.


  2. I know this game and everything that will happen here but I came here only to see Boom's reaction to some of the scariest moments.

    And It was worth it.

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