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The cryptocurrency market is down today, which altcoins in crypto should you buy?
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  1. It’s funny that people think this market should be green from day to day and get nervous when it goes red. Yes the market will continue to grow, yes it will correct from time to time. Lots of opportunity either way!

    LTC: MCkEG9DSyk6Lp43SuLEhRnwZ6ntHtwZxeH

  2. New to the channel. Looking to learn a lot about trading and understanding how to read charts. Thanks for the help
    LTC: LcdknL5TjnV5W7etzCzvFM4A71PiTjn7mc

  3. I have been trying a little day trading. I consider my modest losses categorized as educational expense. I'm learning a lot. LTC LKx1JnXMPvFrY9dnJHiTqr4PBGs6HVUcJf

  4. Great show and thanks for doin the livestream! This correction gives me a chance to buy at a Little cheaper prices, I really want to get NEBL and stake it something you mentioned yesterday so thanks for that!
    LTC: LXt4evzjGNw97fkEXBwsKDXg7EZ85qqXFv

  5. When u sell your position do you sell for fiat n get taxed or use tether n then buy back in Jan Feb or March cheers LQf2u91w8Vo7jByAzJZ3oZecWMM9CeFX8w

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