LG G7 ThinQ hands-on review

The LG G7 ThinQ introduces a bunch of cool tech to G series, from an M+ display that shines up to 1000nits, an assistant button to call on Google Assistant at …


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  1. I've been at odds about the proper pronunciation of "ThinQ" since they first introduced the branding. Thanks for clearing that up. I trust you got this information from a reputable LG employee at the reveal. Maybe you did, maybe you didn't. Eithe wayr the "ThinQ" not being pronounced "think" is just stupid and I will henceforth no longer address the phone as such. It will simply be the G7 or the LG android phone with a notch

  2. Hmm…., its almost like Lg took a step back when it comes to the battery. I have a Lg G6 H870DS which is the Korean dual sim version that has 64 gb. Personally, with 4gb ram this phone gets slow every once in a while, so the only model I would be interested in is the G7 6gb. However, my G6 has a 3300mah battery and under heavy use I am barely able to get through a whole day. A bigger screen with a smaller batter, does not sound promising to me at all, smh.

  3. The notch gets them from 2980X 1440 vs 3120 x 1440. and 6.1" diagonal vs 5.9
    Same with apple which gets 5.8 diagonal vs 5.56" without the notch and lower resolution.

    the notch enables a bigger (false but legal resolution and diagonal rating than the phone has, because the notch covers some of that) That is why essential apple and all others are using the notch, it's all about the bigger numbers for marketing and advertising, even though they are not accurate, the fcc does not have any laws to stop it, so it will continue.

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