Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia Review

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  1. Im Huge Fan of Total War I Love it i wish they could make Africa Total War Game they European an Shogun but im African American i would love for Total to be Worldwide Ancient Sudanses Kingdoms had Leather Armour jus check out google Ancient Sundanses Armour most of West African had Leather or none but I support Total War they made Europe Total an Shogun Total so not Total War Africa African warriors are some Great First Warriors on this Earth Africa has over 60 somethings kingdoms thru out History The First People pls Total IGN Community im Huge Fan an i would love to Total War Africa Real Africa Total War Game African Ethiopian Warriors Never been Conqur in History it would be Epic Maybe make Total Bigger Combine Africa China an Europe in one Game or Total War in First Person Gameplay A Real Africa Total War Game off Real African Battles an Tatics Real Big African Warships African War Big Boats Real African Names An Meanings Africa is a Great place and Need its place in Total War Real African Total War Trailers i hope one day they realize how Epic Total War Africa Can Be…….Black Gyptians Medjay Vs Romen vs Viking Vs Samuri Man that Would Be So Epice Nick Name The New Generations pls Total War Africa it would Be Epic West Vs East North Vs South West African Womens Army ive never knew had African Women Warriors thats Incredible Africa Factions Nok Culture Had Bow Hunters They African Long Braids they warriors all were Different Congo Warriors Mali Leather Armour an Leather Armour Cav Afro Warriors Sudanses Afro Warriors an There Leather Armour Dress Style Kingdom of Nigeria Womens Army for the king o my Gosh ect……

  2. Reasonable review, expected somewhere around the 7. Still picked it up because it's Total War and I'll probably enjoy it regardless, but maybe the Norsca update will pull me back to WH2 until 3 Kingdoms

  3. I want another/upgraded Empire: TW. Loved that game so much. Massive world, a lot of nations, fun technologies, and the different units for around the world (Native Americans to afghan musketeers)

  4. Wait what? you think Attila was one of the "Great" total war games? Attila is hot garbage, the only thing that made it even remotely playable was the Charlemagne expansion and even then it wasn't close to Rome 1, Barbarian Invasion, and certainly not Medieval II and it's expansions.

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