Oculus Rift + Logitech G920 + Assetto Corsa = One of the coolest gaming experiences I have ever had. This is an entirely new level of playing video games.


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  1. Hi sir that was really coool, can you tell me which VR did you bought and are you playing on PC or PS4 or XBox, thank you.???
    I'm really excited!!!

  2. Yeah, about that "VR is just a gimmick"-thing. I got my HTC Vive about a week ago, and honestly I was pretty sure it would be something I used one time and then just put on the shelf.

    But man, VR is amazing! So, one week in (I guess about 160 hours in the virtual reality) and I've already spent an extra 2000 dollars on upgrading my computer and it just feels totally worth it! It's just a totally different experience and I don't know if I will play anything other than VR-games in the future.

    Also. Lone Echo! Mind blowing!

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