Razer Phone hands-on review

The Razer phone is official after rumors aplenty and we’ve got our hands-on with what could be the most powerful Android smartphone out now. Its 5.7-inch …


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  1. Hello! Can you write the parameter values from file build.prop:
    Thank you in advance

  2. How could they not fit a headphone jack in a phone that huge? And why the hell are there smart phones still coming out without image stabilization? Its one of the most important features needed for really good pictures or being able to watch anything you shoot on your phone. I'm still excited about this but come on why would they not include 2 such important things? I'm also a bit worried about how much they are gonna want for this thing, I'll guess with all that tech its going to be $800-900 which would put it out of what I would be willing to spend to replace my Galaxy s8 .

  3. It looked good, until I saw the android interface. I thought they would be coming up with something else, instead of using android. Disappointing.

  4. Reason why Razer has a phone now is because they have run out of ideas. While I was working there, they were desperately trying to clone products out there – game controllers, game capture card, Android TV box, etc etc. They simply ran out of ideas and making mouse and keyboards. One last desperate move to “expand” their product range and boost sales. What’s the ultimate goal? IPO!!! Razer products are famed for commanding premium prices while delivering sub-standard qualities and performance. ‘Nuff said.

  5. This phone has everything perfect "no earphone jack" i love it WOAH woah woah rewind a second! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING YOU THINK YOUR AN IPHONE OR SOME SHIT ?!! YOU WERE SO FLAWLESS WHAT HAVE YOU DONE !!

  6. The more early impression reviews I see the worse this phone seems to get. No water resistance, no 3.5 jack, no OIS, no notification LED as far as I have seen, camera bump in the corner, and as for the display, yea I am sure a lot of games are gonna take advantage of it, candy crush will look amazing at 120 fps I am sure. Also the fact that they need to do all the tweaking for android and the display to play nice is gonna delay updates for god knows how long. That is if they don't just drop it like they did with razercomms. Seems like a good media phone even so.

  7. why is making the phone unable to charge and listen to music a 'feature' these days? explain the design choice

  8. Does anyone know the game he’s playing??? Good review by the way, I don’t know why everyone is so worked about a gaming phone. 10 years from no one is going to tell the difference between the graphics in a phone and those in a console, it will only come down to controls.

  9. This phone is a dream.!! Amazing speakers/ display/battery/software/hardware! Everything i ever wanted

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