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IGN gives its video review on the new shooter game Rage. Is id Software’s latest shooter any good? Find out first only on IGN. IGN’s YouTube is just a taste of …


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  1. For whoever is interested, I played it again yesterday and realized what one consistent problem is for me with the game getting old and such: the pacing, especially in the action packed moments of gunplay (of all parts), has a slow sense of progress because of the fact that the enemies take SO MANY SHOTS to kill. I'm probably half way through the game (disc 2) on easy, and I literally shot this one somewhat powerful guy in the face at least 10 times before he died…and that was after I had blown his face mask off. (pretty sure I was even unloading fatboys a good part of the time.)
    It's just ridiculous from a realistic perspective, and it's also not fun from a consumer's perspective.
    I can only imagine a harder difficulty… depending on what would change, I could see the enemies actually having quite a bit MORE health than the player's character, which would probably be a first.

    The only pro is that it levels the playing field. In that case, though, I would prefer everyone to have a lesser, more believable mortality.

  2. The impact this game has on you when you first start is pretty epic and an acconolishment on its own. The devs owned up to their words and produced a solid game.

  3. I loved the aesthetic, the world and the characters you shoot at are always moving crazy LOL it was entertaining. Yeah the story wasn't epic (as mentioned) but def had my fill of fun with it. Dont regret it one bit.

  4. Its sad that this game didnt do very good in sales. Its a very underrated game that deserves some love, is it a perfect game no, but its way better then most crap people make now in days.

  5. Started playing this in 2015 before taking a break (for some reason or another). Went back to it last night while I was updating a PS4 game and I'm honestly enjoying it again. It's certainly not perfect by any means, but it has some good aspects. I'm planning on finally beating it this time.

  6. Couldn't get into this game for some reason. Now DOOM on the other hand was a blast, and I still replay the campaign for the secrets, and the missions are epic!

  7. I love this engine, I always loved the IDsoftware engines. Its not photo realistic and for me it doesn't have to be.
    The atmosphere this engine creates with the lighting and textures is amazing.

  8. My opinion
    World Building 8/10
    Story 2/10
    RPG 3/10
    Animation 9/10
    Gameplay 8/10

    When it was good it was good, when it was bad… it was bad.

  9. I understand that everyone has different opinions of rage, but me personally… I snapped the disc in half after it's anticlimactic ending.

  10. I understand that everyone has different opinions of rage, but me personally… I snapped the disc in half after it's anticlimactic ending.

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