Nerd Ballers: How esports is dismantling old stereotypes about gamers

You’ve probably heard all the typical gamer stereotypes right? Like, they’re overweight. Unkempt. Socially inept basement-dwellers. But the stigma around …


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  1. Wow that clip with nadeshot was really humble. Im glad to see he has started acting more professional. Also, how was pasha not mentioned??? He literally has biceps in his nickname

  2. well in this year Asian Games there will be esport exhibition for 6 different category, and it will be officially competitive (for medal) in next Asian games 2022.

  3. seeing overwatch leauge and LCS players and orgs getting ripped off by blizzard makes me appreciate how well valve have done with csgo esports

  4. This is hilarious, go talk to people like Imaqtpie or IWD irl. The most awkward shit ever, most of the people are still exactly that but expecially teams try to combat it by hiring cooks and working out with the team.

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