Razer Phone review

In this review we take an in-depth look at the new smartphone from Razer. With 120Hz of silky smooth goodness, and powerful Dolby Atmos-tuned speakers, this …


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  1. How can it fall short in battery performance if it has one of the largest battery of any phone on the market. If u want it to last all day turn it to 90hz and it lasts longer

  2. In case any one is wondering the number of supportive games has gone up to around 13 or more so expect that number to keep rising. Its usually a simple fix for developers to uncap the frames any way so there is little reason now not to cap it higher than 60 with some exceptions.

    The recent update in the late December has been said to improve photos, improve call quality, added a 2x zoom button on camera so you dont have to guess where that lies and other fixes.

  3. Go to your local retailer and play around with the phone a bit. It is really smooth. As for all the bad things reviewers say about this phone it's just their personal opinion, in my experience I believe the Razer phone is the perfect all around phone. No lag, no hickups, stock android, good camera, unbeatable gaming experience, great battery life, imo best speakers available on a phone today, …it hasn't got water resistance but then again it's highly unlikely that you would drop your phone in the bog or sit out in the rain texting or watching a movie lol.

  4. Give them a break, its their first phone, of course they are not going to make the first phone the best! DUH slowly making newer gens with better features, but I am super happy with it! bored of apple tbh

  5. Every Phone After 2018 ⤵️

    ☆(Without Hesitation Should Have)☆

    • Dual Stereo Speakers Dolby Atmos !
    • 128GB-256GB Storage Options Only !
    • 8-10GB Of Ram !
    • 120Hz Display !
    • A Dual 20+ Megapixel Camera !
    • A Front 8-12+ Megapixel Camera !
    • 4K 60FPS Support !
    • Ir Blaster !
    • NO BEZELS !
    • Augmented Reality Support !
    • 3D Touch Like The IPhone !
    • Hybrid SIM Support !
    • OLED Or AMOLED Display !
    • Stock Android & No Bloatware !
    • 3.5mm Headphone Jack !
    • USB Type-C !
    • 4000+mAh Battery !
    • Bluetooth 5.0+ With "Software Support" !
    • High Quality Headphone In The Box !
    • A Tempered Glass Screen Protector & Case In The Box!!!

    THE RESULTS -> OV3RK1LL ?????

  6. This is the dumbest thing I've ever seen. Unless the thing can run Windows and take advantage of retail PC games a hi powered 'gaming' phone like this is way overkill. Android gaming has only come so far. And no Tegra?! No thanks Razer. I'll pass on your bullshit.

  7. Seriously considering getting this, but my provider is O2. And In don't feel like paying the £699 charge from Razer's official website, a hundred quid more for the same phone that's unlocked.

  8. Razer phone older screen technology, 120hz, pushing more Pixels than the mate 10 pro, still on Android 7.1.1 and powering to separate speaker amplifiers of course the battery life is not as good as the mate 10 pro.

  9. No phone really lasts all day under gaming and phones aren't made to game all day, unrealistic expectations lol. Just saying. What it comes down to is. If you want pictures go Google, you want sound and build go razer. You want general all around go samsung but Samsung blows on quality

  10. I get one day and five hours on one charge… A little gaming like one hour, watching videos on YouTube and browsing. Only have it in full HD @ 90hz

  11. Sorry this looks like one of the worst gaming phones to come onto the market. I had a Sony Ericsson Xperia Play, The key thing that, that phone had was physical controls ( but sadly it's still had some touch controls what let it down) . This phone has all the power under it's heard but no physical controls as a gamer know where would I buy this. If you are a serious gamer and you want portable gaming either go for Nintendo switch or something like the NVIDIA shield portable or GPD XD.
    I have the Nvidia Shield portable and a GPD XD and as my phone a LG V20. I have found that the best thing to do if you want portable gaming is to use a truly gaming machine with physical controls, because no matter how much power is in the phone Bluetooth controls never work the same as physical ones do. Touch screen never feels right!
    it is such a shame that Razer went the root of USB type-c lazy ass company. keep the 3 millimetre Jack and just put the DAC in the phone. The idea that you have to carry some dongle which is easy to lose is Ludacris and unlogical when it wouldn't take much effort for a company to fit that in the phone!

  12. Basil, your first btekt razer video was the decider for me.
    I'm not a gamer but i am a Mobile media/entertainment whore and thus, so glad I went for a bigger 3 data plan (they've been super good too).
    1 week in with pixel camera APK installed (ok I did that on recommention from another yt channel but you weren't far behind tbf) I'm as happy as a pig in poo with the device and 3.
    Only gripe is lack device protection availability so far and a minor issue of not being able the change the pre set sound in the stock alarm (even going through the motions to change it stays on caesium?) No biggy and simple fix with a lightweight alarm app.
    Thanks Basil ?

  13. Players like Sony that works with LCD panels could benefit from this 120Hz displays.For now at least it is not available for Amoled or oled.
    120 Hz > 4k

  14. It has the best quick charge tech that's out now. Think about it! Its charging over 2000mah in 30mins thats almost full charge on some phones because it has almost twice the capacity of other phones with the bath.

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