Altcoin News – Institutional Investors: BTC and Goldman Sachs, NASDAQ & Crypto, Peter Thiel

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Links to articles mentioned in the video:

Goldman Sachs Enters Bitcoin Trading

Goldman Sachs to Open a Bitcoin Trading Operation


Big Investors are Coming, Peter Thiel’s Founders Fund Backs a Blockchain Startup

Peter Thiel-Backed Venture to Help Big Investors Bet on Bitcoin

Nasdaq May Launch Bitcoin Trading in October 2018

BlackRock Staffers Depart to Start Blockchain Investment Fund


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  1. Great vid. Don’t doubt friends. I’ve been seeing reviews about Ashton over YouTube for months now. I finally decided to contact him two weeks ago and I just withdrew my profits of $9,300. Thank you so much sir for being real. call or whatsapp him with +1518 3519039

  2. If banks are coming in then buy now and hodl while price is low. They will go up exponentially but once they are really high, expect major price manipulation.

  3. If banks are coming in then buy now and hodl while price is low. They will go up exponentially but once they are really high, expect major price manipulation.

  4. By the way…..I'm am definitely NOT your soldier. Please stop calling your followers soldiers. Live and let live ~ I would never want to ask my fellow humanity to die for a government. You should be smarter than this to use a soldier metaphor. I don't think you really understand the culture of those who have been in this space for more than a year or two.

  5. "THE Day" the futures came in Dec. was the day BTC began to decline. To the date. Let's hope they don't ONLY do futures. They need to rethink the way then can manage HODLERS.

  6. Futures destroys the price of BTC in the past and future. Want evidence? Look at CME futures upon BTC price since Dec. And decades long gold and silver price suppression by the colluding banks. Don't be fooled by this wall street news. It's negative. Can you give us a single clear example where futures trading and options, have boosted the price of a commodity?

  7. If we are here for the tech and not money why do we want bankers brought Into it? The banks should know there aren't any Lambos in crypto only pain.

  8. I have mixed feelings about this, say goodbye to decentralization this will be regulated and manipulated just like the stock market, I see options contracts right around the corner

  9. how is this a good thing??you guys obviously arent about the tech you just want to make fiat currency which is direct opposite of what cryptos are supposed to be, this will not end well smh the volatility is going o be like gold and silver going nowhere!

  10. Are they waiting to get in or have they entered already OTC and the markets just them manipulating it? We’ll never know.

  11. In response to joe L comment below -The futures could be a slight negative but your missing the big picture and also later in the year they will offer the actual purchase of bitcoin. One of the biggest investment firms in the world is getting into crypto and the rest of the large investment firms will follow in the U.S because people are asking for it. Once it gets regulated you will see it available with every investment firm to offer it on there platform and this will open it up to millions of investors in the US And trillions of dollars. Also I believe coinbase is getting away from the retail investor that is why they aren't adding any more coins and building up there company to be the custodian for all of these large financial firms as they just opened offices in Chicago. They are realizing the competition with exchanges is too much and more money can be made with institutional investors.

  12. Terrible they are coming in. Look at any chart involving futures… it will kill BTC…just like it already has…this is a bad thing, not a good thing. And this so-called institutional money involves them selves in ICOs. That doesn't help us either. This is nothing more than the banks taking crypto currency over, the exact opposite of what we want. Mark my words, this will all end with us being broke.

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