Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News – Oracle, Gates bashes BTC, Vechain PWC, and ICO Madness

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency news – Oracle getting into blockchain, Bill Gates bashes BTC, TV spots for crypto, Cardano testnets, massive partnership for Vechain, and ICO madness.


Bill Gates



Indians Ignore Their Government Ban as Crypto Trading Spikes


Silicon Valley


Binance CEO Blasts VCs and Calls ICOs 'Necessary'

ICO Alert


Trinity Protocol Establishing Strategic Cooperation With Decentraland



UTRUST Partners with E-commerce Software Giant Gambio GmbH


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  1. As my favorite physicist and inventor said “Science is but a perversion of itself unless it has as its ultimate goal the betterment of humanity”

  2. I have been suffering from legit hack for a while now.i was scammed several times until I meet hacker William I contacted him and told him i needed btc, surprising I got the btc he promised… Contact him on

  3. Hey Lark, What do you think of CP Chain?

    It looks like a low cap gem to me. Chinese IOT project with partnerships with VEN and HPB and investment from Torque.

    At 14 cents it's only 1.4x ICO price, and it's chart looks to have found a bottom and is starting to round upwards. It's on IDEX and Bibox.

  4. I work in a team of 13 people varying in age from 20 to 63, i was the only one starting with crypto and got 2 others more or less interested. The rest thinks crypto are a scam or are just not interested. So crypto has a long way to go to get the average Joe onboard.

  5. Great stuff, dude. What do you think about SNC for long term? Lastly, did you move to NZ to invest in ICO's or were you born there? Thanks again.

  6. To any Indians doing this… GOOD FUCKING JOB!! they can’t stop you no matter how much they try! Keep trading and making your money now while most of the world isn’t! We are all the 1%ers at this point! America they simply can NOT tax us without having our ssn ties to our crypto!! They can only tax us when we withdraw!!

  7. One of the best moment of the day to get news from New Zealand. Thanks Lark!
    There is a 'HOT/Holo' project will you be able to make clear with a review, please? That project a bit confused me.

  8. Ethereum SEC FUD Event LOL – We need to start up some "Crypto Pay Events" LIVE TALK with THE CRYPTO BUNCH when these fud events happen – raise some crypto & donate it or giveaways or both 😛

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  10. it shows how little Bill Gates knows about crypto, you CAN bet against Bitcoin, lol. Tyler Winklevoss tweeted out to Gates to put his money where his mouth is, lol. The other 2 old fossils (Buffet, Monger) are just protecting their investments, ie Banks and credit card companies, long live the blockchain!

  11. Makes sense that dollar bill Gates and money Buffet’ hate BTC. Eventually their massive pile of fiat will become irrelevant, as will they. Their cryptic message for their investors to short bitcoin is an attempt at self preservation. Too little too late.

  12. Bill Gates is big player for sure! As you said, you can't stop BTC!!! will you make some videos about some new projects? Did you hear about Smart Trip Platform?

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