Getting schooled by MKBHD

MKBHD : The Music I use: – AMAZING for YouTubers Lightroom PRESET PACK: …


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  1. Watching these QAs back to back, Marques first… 4K makes a bigger difference than I have ever noticed before. Apparently 1080p is now the CRT of Youtube.

  2. Great collab!
    Not sure this is happening with my computer only but the video is stuttering for me, not smooth 30P.
    Do you feel the same on your machines guys?

  3. My man, there's a colossal difference in quality between your channels. I personally feel you have very poor video quality, usually ending up looking choppy and dangerously close to 720p. While MKBHD's videos have a stellar crisp and sharp type of quality.

  4. DAMN. That audio halfway through the video was so crisp it would put rice crispies out of business. Speaking of which, do rice crispies still exist? I haven't seen them in awhile. Please do a video on rice crispies.

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