Ripple to $8? – Ripple CryptoCurrency Price Prediction – XRP Crypto News

Will Ripple hit $8? Could Ripple XRP CryptoCurrency hit $21?! Let’s do ALL the math and see what it would take. Crypto News!
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  1. i made good profit out of ripple lol and i love it!!! dont care if people hate it! i love any coins with solid project that i can make money ofhahaha

  2. Interesting videos but Ripple will continue to be the most hated coin ever :p

  3. I Love where ripple can go and how high it can get, the numbers are actually really cool to see, and to do the math is fun, as always great video thanks!
    LTC: LXt4evzjGNw97fkEXBwsKDXg7EZ85qqXFv

  4. Its only a matter of time. XRP will be $8 and $12 and someday $XX,. Walmart, Apple=$$$$. Thank you Zach! How is the diet?

  5. Thanks for running the numbers Zach! Can’t wait until we get back to those all time highs again. Hodl on!

  6. Bought XRP at ATH, trying to sell my XRP and buy back at lower price, I still want to get some more. So give me my ltc, thanks for the show.

  7. I do not think you can count with the 20% dominance. There are all the time new and amazing new projects all the time. Is not like in the previous years where were only a few solid projects. With the time pass, more bigger projects will get dominance in the Market.
    Right now for example EOS is one of the examples, etc.
    Anyway, as Ripple holder, I think is a solid project with great future. But for other hand, if get in the next 3 years as the Bank coin for liquidity on Ripple ecosystem. I do not think Banks will want the volatility, neither up or down. So I think at some point should be stable as USDT, etc. So not think will continuously going up.

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