IGN Reviews – Catherine Game Review

IGN gives its video review on the sexy, weird new Japanese game Catherine. You’ve never played anything quite like this before and that’s a good thing. IGN’s …


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  1. I just bought this and watched this after I bought it. I literally bought the game cause it's from Atlus; cause Atlus makes fun, innovative, and cool games. Enough said.

  2. This is the only game, that made me want to buy a console having PC v:

    Oh wait, there are PS3 and Xbox360 emulators, nevermind 🙂

  3. Can I tell something gamers you're a sad bunch you know you Don't have to stay in to touch yourself and play this Dribble you go out enjoy Life find a girl of your own or two

  4. This game is too damn hard for my feeble mind. I'm good at Tetris and even Devil Dice (if anyone remembers that gem) but this just makes me angry. Wish I could just play the story through without the climbing bits.

  5. This is the best puzzle game i have ever seen because it has:
    -unique gameplay
    -original story
    -good graphics
    -multiplae endings
    -and HOT WAIFUS especially Catherine

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