IGN Reviews – Amy: Game Review – 2.0 out of 10

Although the genre is a little stale and full of crappy titles, we still love survival horror games. That’s why we were excited for Amy, a game based on an …


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  1. Well the reviewer just say the game is bad not explaining deeply how and why it's bad. Like an echochamber from journalists. The game is not great but it's not bad. I would give it a 6/10.

  2. Lol this is like 5 bucks on xbox live, gonna get it, i love playing bad games with my friends, we have fun as hell with games like ride to hell, alone in the dark, jumper etc xD

  3. I remember when this game came out, i bought it and before playing it I told my friend how awesome it was, because I had seen the trailer. He then showed me this.

  4. funny thing is that IGN said on the launch trailer and i quote "AMY IS ICO WITH ZOMBIES AND IT'S TOTALLY BRILLIANT"
    and this is another reason i dont believe in anything IGN says XD

  5. Amy, Amy is 3 letters,A,A is one letter what shape is an A thats right a triangle ign rated this 2.0 Ign is 3 letters 2×3=6, 6= 2, 3's 2, 3's= 2 triangles, tri, tri rymes with eye illuminati has one eye 2+1 is 3 a triangle has 3 sides tri rymes with eye illuminati comfirmed?

  6. This game isn't THAT bad. I actually liked it. TBH it was one of those "meh" games. Still, you can get it if you want… Who cares?

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