XVG News! ADA, Ncash, NANO, Storm, Weiss Ratings = EOS ‘B’ – Crypto TV Show, ETHOS Launch! XRP

XVG News!
Crypto TV Show on CBS w/ Crypto Crow (Youtuber)
Ncash coin analysis
NANO ccin analysis
Storm coin analysis
Weiss Ratings = EOS ‘B’
ETHOS Launch! Is coming to the Netherlands first
XRP – Ripple 1.0.0 is complete
STRAT ICO platform launch
Iran citizens purchased $2.5 billion in crypto
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  1. Im in Australia. Sure is a 5 or so year push to make digital the go. even for welfare (debit cards). Shame electricity is so expensive here. I like how now days you read the value of coins in satoshi value not USD. I'm sure people in other countries like that also.

  2. I wouldn't be so excited about Wall Street's entry into Bitcoin. That is grounds for huge volatility, manipulation and control. You mention the huge buys on BTC. They will pump and dump. I wouldn't be so overly confident this is all going to go the way you think.

  3. Can you talk about taxes, maybe? Like, I buy Eth on coinbase, send to binance, buy icx, and Eth went up $0.10 during that time period, that’s a gain. Taxable. Every single trade is taxable. How are you guys handling all of this? No point making 30% gains, then being hit with a load of IRS fines sucking up all those gains plus more.

    Just curious… no crypto channels really talk about taxes, so I thought it would make for a high view count video

  4. I'd never support a cashless society. We could do without pennies, nickel, dimes, & quarters.

    Don't forget the Ripple, XRapid, XRP, & CoinOne.

    Keep up the good work!

  5. Hi Chris, I had a question on alternative exchange platform sites that would be, in just a opinion, that are trusted? Because cryptopia skimmed the hell out of me 1 3rd. When the market was going up trading and switch coins. No sense. And I'm not stupid, but anyway your starting live stream, I'm excited about that! But yes I'm researching everything I can but would like your opinion. Awesome video and thank you for everything =)

  6. What's anyone's opinion on whether we will see Tron TRX pump again before test net? And if it will, when? Are we expecting it to continue in this downward trend much longer? I don't need a Lambo, I just need a plane ticket.

  7. Thanks chris! What a run on zil!!! Cant believe xvg hasnt seen big moves yet with all the news today and for tomorrow. I know we wont see anything for the halving for a couple of weeks, but hopefully the asian whales will buy it up in bulk. Did you get a good spot in trx yet? Have a great night! You rock!!!

  8. hi chris what are your thoughts on neblio and their twitter about their first big customer to use their platform next week?? the price hasn't jumped yet

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