Lone Echo is a space simluation VR game and definitely a MUST PLAY! In this review we show you short edited clips of the game, so we don’t spoil too much.


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  1. This game is truly amazing. In this review we show you short edited clips of the game, so we don't spoil too much. Let us know what you guys think and if you like this game as well! Also, @Vive users, Lone Echo works on Revive too.

  2. I've completed the story-line. It's beyond what I expected it to be. The physics are just on point in this game.

    It's sad that I can't show everything to people that come over because it's such a big game.

  3. The problem with this game is that, after some puzzles (if we can call them that) with the exact same easy solution, when I thought the game was really going to begin, it suddenly ended. It's more an experience than a game and the worst: OVERPRICED!!!

  4. I enjoyed watching this because I like to see and hear other people's thoughts on Lone Echo. I just bought my Rift a week ago and began this game. I honestly was not super crazy about it before having played it for several hours. I have had VR experience before this with PSVR which I bought probably about three to four months ago.

    Anyways, keep doing what you're doing! I'll watch more videos to see how you both feel about the HTC Vive.

  5. Hey Cass and charry great video for loan echo I would definitely show more of this game on your channel it's awesome. It is definitely one of the games I want to try when I get a VR headset because, I love games with storylines and an exploration. Have a great day you two.

  6. Is amazing the graphics quality of this game. I think I have never seen a face so realistic in VR. I think I'll need touch her and launch things to her too to see if it is real.

    Cas, next time, let Chary play a little, please. I have lmfao loking her with the conclussions. ( yes, yes, yes, smile, yes, yes, smile… hahah)

  7. I've been a Rift and Vive owner since they launched and own over a hundred VR games including all the high profile ones and this is by far my favorite. The acting is the best I've seen yet.

  8. Good morning ladies…. It's 6am in Scotland at the moment . Loving the look of this game .And with your sense of humour and those accents xxx .

  9. Just a quick correction, Echo Arena is only free the first 3 months. However, once you add it to your account you always have it. It's not like you'll have to pay for it after 3 months if you already have it. So grab it while it's free even if it's not your thing right now.

  10. Hi Ladies, recent subscriber and now new Oculus Rift owner! You might have swayed me into a purchase, looks like fun. Have a great weekend.

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