Huawei P Smart Review – A Solid Budget Smartphone!

Huawei P Smart Review – A Solid Budget Smartphone! GET it here (US): GET it here (International): …


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  1. you really helped me. Now I'm going to buy it, UNlike other channels, you are clear and view all aspects. I really liked that you talked about gaming experience. Keep up the great work

  2. Hey guys I have a question. I am thinking of buying either xiaomi mi a1 or Huawei P smart but i don't know which one! On the one hand I want portrait mode on both cameras(huawei p smart) but xiaomi i think does it better with the portrait mode. I also want nice display (P smart) but stock android(xiaomi mi a1).Lastly as for the design i prefer Xiaomi mi a1! The things that matter for me on a phone are
    ●very good rear and front camera
    ●beautiful design
    ●nice ui experience
    ●good battery
    ●Much ram memory and storage memory
    ●to have nice features
    ●Good display and near bezel-less
    ●customisation settings
    ●without bugs,lags and slowing down over time because I use my phones a lot and for many years!
    ●Portrait mode if available in both cameras!
    Would you mind guys telling me which one shall I go for?

  3. Well when i played asphalt 8 and injustice 2 it ran pretty good on highest graphics, there were just really small lag only if on screen happens a lot of stuff at once but how i seen in the gameplay of your video it looked like you were playing on like 5 fps XD I don't know, i have the same specs but mine runs really smooth all the android new gen games. But i bought it like a week ago so maybe they changed some stuff. But great review anyways!!!

  4. I have the huawei p9 lite, and have the option to continue my mobile contract with this phone. Should i get this phone or just a sim only ( if this phone is not a lot better than the p9 lite)?

  5. I own this phone for 3 days now. I dont play games on phones. I dont use the camera much. but just for the phones look, the general features. I recommend this phone for its price point over most other phones. NB : chose this over the more expensive P20 Lite. You dont need 100 more resolution pixels and a notch to pay 50% more

  6. I think I’m gonna go & buy it now for £179 in Argos special offer unlocked it be a nice upgrade from my old Samsung galaxy s4 & a lot cheaper than a new galaxy s8 or S9. Then I don’t need to have a 2 year expensive contract. I have seen 3 reviews so far & they are all really positive. I’m quite amazed at what the Huawei p smart can do for such a good price cheer peace

  7. Between this and the Honor 9 Lite (what is a few quid cheaper) which phone can give me a battery life (in normal/general use) easily for a full day, a camera that shows natural/true to life photos with faster autofocus, less oversaturated photos & better low light) & with some form of electronic stabilization, app loading with almost zero refresh, louder speakers which I can hear in a bus or London Tube and a great sunlight legibility? (Unlike my old P8 Lite) and would you say updates are as quick/slow as other Android OEMs? And is there a dark theme that u can apply to the phone even on the Settings? Quick GPS lock?

  8. Great review! Bought the phone, will test PUBG Mobile cause that's probably the only game I'll play on it anyway 🙂

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