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  1. I want to share with you a very interesting project (bounty-company) TokenGo. These guys are professionals of their business all that they do can be oharaktirizovat as speed quality and trust that could not give me a lot of similar companies.

  2. Regardless of yesterday's comments we should all count ourselves lucky to be in at the early stages. The snowball is coming. Great info on a daily basis . Thanks for your channel M.I.

  3. This is not the first year I know about HITBTC. This exchange has always attracted me with its web design and a set of crypto assets for trading. Have no regrets that chose this exchange

  4. RBI(Reserve Bank of India) is afraid of crypto currency and they released statement it's subsidiary Banks should not support crypto in Fiat trading due to all money is diverted to crypto instead to Banks . It is a very sick decision made by Indian government should learn from Thailand.

  5. Institutional Investors can not hold 100 million on there desktop they need a custodian to hold the digital funds. This is a regulation requirement. It 's nothing to do with being RICH!!!!!

  6. Yes. The market is trying to go up. But if you look at when it was pulled back down again, it coincides with when the Korean’s go to sleep and when they wake up. I’ve noticed for te late 3days now, ever since the korean FUD….

  7. Cryptocurency will trickle in like any other semi/questionable/or illegal things do in society. Resistance = fail. Love what you do, keep people informed.

  8. Does anybody else like Bancor (BNT), I like that what they’re trying to do by providing liquidity for smaller and/or less known crypto currencies. What do you guys think of it?

  9. Remember the NYS attorney general (Eric Schneiderman) resigned last week and he was the guy who was very much against crypto exchanges and giving them a hard time by holding up a lot of licensing. So maybe that played a roll, maybe the new attorney general is more open to crypto?

  10. Xrp not working with banks ripple
    Different thing one is the token and i believe they are not working with banks.
    Unlike litecoin that are partnered with many companys
    Ltc stellar protect your capital

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