Fortune and Fame on the Blockchain!! – Concurrency Social Network – Mithril Crypto Review

Fortune and Fame on the Blockchain! Mithril CryptoCurrency Review
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  1. Mith sounds awesome actually. I am going to look further into it and see what my rtig could do as far as mining profitability. Thanks – LaG3Wr6DYdU7PS86wqWqbP78G9BvfiwtgF

  2. your video about the consensus isn't doing anything. i told you that the percentages you put up from prior years of the consensus were garbage…

  3. Very interesting, this Mithril. I think projects involving social media is a win win. I personally like the idea of acquiring coins by getting involved in their projects and using their services.

  4. Great Vids like always, I appreciate the great info. Ill see you on the Moon:)
    ETH: 0xb37A61d9bc4274A5E277a8D83cFeBCe2822aA524
    LTC: MFFPZFoSXB34TVuZYtWTrAygejJ7bz6G45

  5. Sounds like an interesting project! Social mining could definitely catch on!

  6. I'll be honest, though the volume is good, I don't see this doing well in the west. I know at least 5 similar projects, and with that name, I don't see it going anywhere.

  7. Interesting… I like the social mining idea. Good time to pick it up with that size of marketcap. Lots of room for growth.

  8. Shilling your bags and play lottery to gain more subs lol. Giving away 100 bucks, but gaining thousands after people buy up the price of you're mithrill bag, and god knows what else your babbling about. But you dont drive around in your car making vids like your kind did back in the day. No you show big house, cool car, wifey etc lol. SLICK !!

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