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  1. Bullsh*t… The game is really good; the graphics, gameplay and story will keep you interested till the end. To me it's an 8. Don't listen to IGN on this one, buy this game if you like action adventure games.

  2. I agree with IGN, it is a mediocre game, I mean the graphics, sound and overall structural design on the game where vary good but it lacks good gameplay. The combat is let's face it boring and the climbing sections too, that is the core and main point of the game. All in all i wouldn't even give it a 5.9 I would give it a 5.0/10.

  3. Just played this game was great the combat is ehh simple I thought it was hard as first but got the hang of it there were small amount of enemies some have to be attacked different and you have to know when to stop throwing punches and evade then continue the combo it's actually pretty challenging most of the tim I would just do a short combo when facing alot of enemies. Remixing memories was definitely fun even tho it takes away from the game past it's definitely something I wanted more of but what we got was not bad. There are also a few puzzles I hate puzzles but was able to solve them except one that is very dum as hell story is amazing definitely done well even tho some things I figured it is still one of the best I played. The powers ate simple to use and the boss fights are simple as well didn't bother me to much but it does get repetitive as far as exploring thts isn't here but not every game needs to be open world or tons of exploring. Also ledges do break on certain parts of the game IDK what this guy was playing. Also the environments are very well designed the game is def a eight or nine.

  4. I want to say that I agree with most of what he says but the score doesn't reflect that. This game is at least a 7.5 out of 10. I would rate it an 8-8.5.

    Great story. Ok combat. Great visuals. No glitches or freezes. Soundtrack always made me feel like it was a movie rather than a game. My largest complaint about this game is that you can't skip cutscenes. I've already beaten it and I'm replaying it on hard and I don't want to sit through another 5 min of cutscenes. The story Is good but I want to play

  5. I really liked this game, but I agree with all their criticisms.
    Just because a game is good doesn't make it above reproach.

  6. I hated this game! I mean really really hated it! There was something about it that I can put my finger on, but it just didn't work! It felt like a mish mash of so many different ideas all ckumped together in a really shitty way.

  7. the game is really good, doesn't matter if it's not open world. the combat is satisfying and the story surprises till the end. I would have give it a 8 just for the fun I had with it.

  8. the ending was a bit salty? idont know it just made me depressed somehow. although the game overall is your average while giving that stylish never seen combat system that i kinda like.

  9. I have played this game in the beginning it lools master piece specially the concept but gradually when u blend more in the game it becomes forgetable and boaring 4.8 is a rating in my opnion because it just doesnt stay with its concept it becomes something else and u dont feel like a memory hunter at all it feels more like u are a bad criminal who would be freed if he does the ordered tasks

  10. Don't believe this review, Remember Me is a gem from last generation. Not without flaws of course, but the point is to see the game's strong points too not only the flaws.

  11. Awesome game. Just recently downloaded the game last month due to the Capcom sale on XBox Live. A 5 out of 10? Well…that's your opinion IGN. I give the game a 8 out of 10. I agree about the combat and yes, I also want to explore the areas. Maybe in Remember Me 2…..if Capcom ever makes a sequel. Hope so.

  12. wow, remember me does not need a parry system! She's agile, and she just has to avoid danger. I'll give this game 8.4/10 overall. As the matter of fact, I wish to see more games like this….

  13. yeah i haven't played this game yet but just from looking at it. i can tell it's unique different and obviously good. sheesh seems if it doesn't running around in first person with a gun or hijacking cars it get a bad or mediocre review.. i'm prabobly gonna buy this sometime.

  14. Sooooooooooooooooooo I feel so silly for ignoring this game. Just got it and it is pretty cool! LOVED the art and sound design. The music is GREAT. I would give it 8 out of 10. I had a lot of fun with this title.

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