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  1. A slight misconception might be raised due to the editing of the video, you have to make loadouts before u start a match and then can choose among the loadouts u made or a default loadout and one of the four talents unique to every champion, u cannot change neither the loadout nor the champions in match. Also for those who still aren't aware of the removal of the controversial p2w system, they removed it and all the loadout cards are free and pre unlocked.

  2. I quit this game after seeing the horrible patch 64, the card system was absurd. Glad to see it out of the beta and removing the cards unbound system. I think i might return playing this game

  3. There is a bug fix patch tomorrow (17 may) with 2 new skins and some balance changes towards the Frontlines so for those whose first impressions might get tuned by a bug which is supposed to be fixed tomorrow just try the game again after the update

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