WHAT’S HAPPENING TO BITCOIN?! Why no moon? – CryptoCurrency Market News – Crypto Market Crash?

WHAT’S HAPPENING TO BITCOIN?! Why aren’t we seeing huge gains from the consensus?
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  1. Here’s my problem with this video and why I don’t care for his opinion… it’s his personal opinion! Zach just gives us actual news and trends and why projects are moving. I don’t care how you feel about Bitcoin dude? Wtf. Just give the news!

  2. That’s the most muddled up trying to sound cool accent I’ve ever heard, that is not a regional accent from anywhere in England. Sounds like a total cunt.

  3. I HATE MAX!! he's going to kill this channel!! he can't even dress professionally. go smoke some more weed and get the hell out of here max!!

  4. I am too not convinced that Bitcoin is the future, Cardano and Ethereum are the Projects I belive in.
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  5. Great video! Those projects look very interesting! I'm definitely gonna jump in your ico pool! MV1snKuKifJfoniKNNEtYanbAtuyb8B1ae

  6. Terrible deep dive. Lots of info missed. Apollo has huge potential. If they deliver they will be one of the top cryptos

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