Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News – New Ad Ban, IBM Token on Stellar, & Japan Blockchain Veggies

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency news – Bing gets on the crypto ban band wagon, IBM launches first token on Stellar, Japan using blockchain for organic vegetables, Ethereum classic lab launches, and Icon gets a big partner.

Bing bans crypto ads

IBM Stellar Lumens

Japanese Veggies on the Blockchain


Federal Reserve


Ethereum Classic

Ethereum Classic Labs Officially Launched!


Ethereum Classic Labs Officially Launched!


Crypto Watch
The Crypto Watch

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  1. i haven't met a single person in my life that actually EVER used this "bing" shit
    is this some murican thing or something?

  2. Hey Lark i hear that Bezant (BZNT) Will be a great coin to invest in any chance you could you one of your top notch reviews and let us know your thoughts. Thank Lark

  3. I know crypto will pay off one day i just need to out live the dog to get MY place back in the house. Winter is coming.

  4. Thanks Lark, as always an interesting post. I think these tech. giants despise crypto currency because it's an existential threat. The Blockchain, BTC, ETH, that is, the major innovators in the space are about to disrupt their monopolies. It's just a matter of time when the new generation will only talk about crypto currency. Like you said, it's unstoppable. I like the word Disrupt, it comes from the word RAPTURE which comes from the Latin RAPERE 'seize by force.' RAPTUS is the source of RAPT, which formed Latin noun RAPTURA 'seizure,' hence 'ecstasy.' Which gave us the English RAPTURE from the source RAPACIOUS, RAPE 'violate sexually,' RAPID, RAPINE, RAVAGE and USURP. This is why they're worried Lark, they're going to be ravaged, rapidly violated, disrupted, and usurped of their monopolies. I can't wait. Thanks Lark and sorry for the etymology but my professor used to say: From etymology to reality.

  5. Hi Mr Lark i am just dusting off the DOGHOUSE, bloody dog spends more time in the house than me & he gets treats.
    I get a WTF are you doing now with crypto now, where's the LOVE i ask. NO treat's for me. Just looking on Ebay for bigger dog house with wifi.Got to love Crypto i now have a lot of me time, always a upside.

  6. I told you Stellar was awesome.. Just like you my man. All my hope is on Stellar, Kin, Tron, Cardano, XVG, AGI, YYWW; all underpriced coins that if they deliver 100x it will be okay I'll take 1000x too lol ETH 0x9c8dC700473D5E8Ad8A00b347424D139DA103587

  7. Thank you as always, Crypto Lark, for your continued effort and information. You're doing excellent work!

  8. Just boycott Bing (if you use it). James Ballard from Federal Reserve Bank comment about biggest dilemma since 1830's talk about trying to create FUD.

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