‘Big Short’ Investor Steve Eisman On Bitcoin And Crypto | CNBC

Steve Eisman, Neuberger Berman portfolio manager, speaks with CNBC’s “Squawk Box” about bitcoin and blockchain, and whether he’d short digital currencies.
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‘Big Short’ Investor Steve Eisman On Bitcoin And Crypto | CNBC


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  1. She must have bitcoin, all coiners get so defensive about bitcoin when someone puts it down. It's like addicts when you confront them about their addiction.

  2. How about you do some research before you start talking BS…what about decentralization… no middle man …i don't have to deal with the banks and send money instantly across the globe …all you have to do is come up with money laundering…banks have been laundering money since their inception …the real tech here is decentralization, instant payments and being my own bank.

  3. the bitcoin cult just can't hear any negative words. Any real investor wants to hear the contra view to make sure they are right, bitcoin disciples don't do that, that's why you should be skeptical.

  4. McAfee's said the chart for Bitcoin will surely reach 1million USD before 2030. If said thing is to happen, like his past predictions happened, IT will be very very unwise for you not to know how to Increase your Btc instead of Just Hodling. I lost 5Btc to Bitconnect in January and i was left with 8Btc, I started looking for ways to make more money while asleep,One day on Altcoin Buzz channel, someone Recommended us to reach out to a man named Robert Wells who has made a great impact in teaching young crypto investors an Almighty Strategy to trade their Bitcoins, Its just 5months since I reached out to Him, I can Proudly boast of increasing my Portfolio from 8Btc to 43Btc . Y'all can reach out to him through His TELEGRAM +1(631)620-6929*, *HANGOUTS and Skype/Mail * *(Robertwells652@gmail.com)

  5. He says he doesnt know much about crypto, then doesnt see what the utility is pls this was utter waste of time and he should do his research.

  6. This guy clearly knows nothing about Crypto – why again – are people like this on the show rather than people who are actually in the industry and know about the sector!!

  7. But how many of you find transactions with paypal or credit or debit or cash or check so difficult that you actively will want something better enough to switch? I know some people have uses, but you have to admit mainstream consumers have no current issues in their transactions. Currency has to be widely adopted to have transaction utility.

  8. The miners support the block chain by confirming ALL the transactions on said block chain. If miners cannot breakeven or make a small profit then they turn their machines off and wait till the markets turn up again. Miners also create the coin that people trade on the block chain. So basically, less miners mining means less transaction confirmations and longer waits to move your coin around. Understand the tech before you trade like your on NASDAQ, because this is not at all like NASDAQ.

  9. It's good for money laundering? Dude the US dollar is probably the most used currency for criminal activity and corruption!

  10. Why can’t people just admit they don’t know what crypto is? Why do they feel the need to bash it, and then backpedal? Just say you don’t fully understand it yet and nobody will judge. But if you come out, guns blazing, without anything to back you up, then you deserve criticism.

  11. So Blockchain is good but Bitcoin is not good :). This days we have big coordinated propaganda against Bitcoin. Buffet, Gates, Jack Ma, Eisman … all poor people :). Everything went when bitcoin almost been 10K. What coincidence! 🙂

  12. Rich Guys: Crypto is a bubble, terrible, trading turds, no value
    Interviewers: Would you short BTC?
    Rich Guys: Oh…now see…I'm not an expert on cryptocurrency…

  13. What is crypto currencies utility? The fact that it can be transferred ANYWHERE in the world within Milliseconds and be confirmed within minutes or even seconds for some crypto. The fact that it has a limited and verifiable supply, is completely decentralized and is not able to be forged, has extreme liquidity, low transaction fees, can be given security or other improvements by the users whenever it is needed which improves it more day by day. The banks take everything away from you, crypto gives it all back ❤

  14. With respect to the gentlemen, but the whole point is that it isn't going to matter what currency controls a country has, they'll all be rendered inert. Whether or not that's a good thing I leave up to the courts, but stopping capital going from one place to another in the whole world is just not going to be possible. I mean, how many companies tried to fight Amazon until it took over all of retail. How many record labels fought the internet? You can't fight technology.

  15. Banks have to follow tons of regulations? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHHA
    Wells Fargo would like to have a word. And every other big bank for that matter.

  16. People like this need to go online and really start studying the real world usage. While I might agree somewhat as to the usage of bitcoin I think he can't make a such a general statement as to the whole industry. There are coins/companies that are really going after real world issues… I sometimes wonder what it takes for a person like this to invite over (pay) 7 or so blockchain experts to lunch or dinner and really get to understand the problems that they are tackling.

  17. he is wrong …. lol the internet needs a default trusted currency as you can see the people are losing so much trust in centralized authorities… ?

  18. You know banks money launder all the time and they do it with US dollars. Bitcoin is good for decentralization and can save people from having their assets withheld from them by a bank.

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