Gaming Virtual Reality: Near-Future or Next-Gen?

Virtual Reality Gaming- will we see the REAL deal on Playstation 5 and the next Xbox? When exactly will consumers see Oculus, Morpheus, and HoloLens?


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  1. I would love a virtual reality where I can be some epic swordsman or a blacksmith or something and make in-game money on and travel massive worlds. I think that would be an interesting twist to gaming in general, because i think it would makes the games all the more interesting, not saying gaming isnt interesting already but yeah.

  2. u could live in one, but the risks of yo ass DYING is gonna be high 😉 only thing that can make u legit LIVE in it is like in SAO nerve gear, sends shit to ur brain nerve boooo shit system thingies and blah blah u see colors and displays of shit and yeah, but good luck, bcuz it's legit impossible 🙂

  3. Virtual Reality, which has been in development for more than 30 years, isn't intended to be a gimmick but as a completely different way that people in the near future will be able to interact with computer technology and communicate with each other. As Pierce Brosnan once stated in Lawnmower Man " This technology is meant to expand human communication…"

  4. I think VR gaming is pretty cool, but it lacks the gameplay precision of a regular controller. Just like the Wii was pretty cool when it came out, after a while people realized that the gameplay just wasn't there.

  5. In a few years, the problem would soon be about improving graphics to make VR more realistic. C'mon, there's even DIY to make your own VR gear, and some companies poured money for VR research. It won't be too soon. Believe me, I'm an engineer.

  6. VR sounds cool. but I guess True VR would involve Brain-Machine interaction. Such as the NervGear form the anime Sword Art Online (SAO), or there is the Matrix.. but that VR involves a spike to the back of the head plus a robot apocalypse.

    My point is that good and true VR will be the game sending sensory data straight to the players brain and motor commands form the brain being sent to the game. So you fell like you are actually there in the game.

    The bottom line is that NerveGear is the future of VR

  7. Singularity in a year, we'll all be in a Dyson sphere around Sol, munching on digital chicken nuggets surrounded by 144 boobs. I'm going with that #. Don't judge me.

  8. I don't think VR gaggles will be a big thing for those who have got near sight and already wear glasses…

  9. They need to make a transparent tv sit in front of a non transparent tv. So when the person viewing moves direction, the tv acts like a hall of mirrors effect. Give the illusion that you are looking into a window or portal of whatever the tv is showing. If they can make VR without wearing goggles you can make a holodeck. 🙂

  10. The real VR gaming will be like "Sword Art Online", a Japanese animation. How I wish we can have that experience

  11. vr is going to do best on pc that's where we will get closer too the holodeck I'm pretty sure we won't see that on consoles anytime soon

  12. I think that VR will become great way for entertainment, communication, development projects, art exhibitions, virtual worlds with their own culture and entertainment ect. Do you remember when everyone really wanted a 600$ cellphone? I suppose all these people would like to go inside virtual worlds too. Most likley their own built landscapes, cities, with invites to new adventures from friends ect. People love co-op and being creative. I think co-op adventures and city building games are going to be nice experiences. People want to come together and meet new friends, VR makes that possible in a safe and comfortable enviroment. I think online "hubs" like Facebook are key to meet new people.

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