Top 5 Altcoins to Hold – Top Altcoins to Hold for 2018 – CryptoCurrency Altcoins

Top 5 Altcoins to Hold – Top Altcoins to Hold for 2018
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  1. For the good projects that have been up and running for a while now … the door ? of opportunity is slowly closing, buy NOW while the price is low NEO, BNB, XRP and more will go up in price by end of year. Once the value is realized in any given project and we cross that trillion dollar market threshold that will be it.


  2. Coins and tokens are different in my opinion but still, none of this will happen if no one moves the biggest elephant in the room. BTC. Everyone is sitting on their faves and wondering why they aren't moving (much), just like impatient kids in a car…..not realising the engine isn't even started.

  3. Don't see PundiX or BABB going anywhere, but NCASH (once security features are rolled out) and NEO/ONT will be HUGE.     LTC:   –       LhY6Dp2hD7m2sPcAcdF45it6X3i2zPgfo1

  4. Im in GVT, Not Ins yet. (big dip right now), Babb yes, Neo yes, Pundi no. (just cause Im only in ICO's and Binance. Thanks Zach and congrats again.

  5. Safex because of the low marketcap, no serious exchanges now and platform launch this year + Macafee's shilling it. It's his top pick. Nano is another to be watching. LUneHjsbZY2cuXDQVioMonM1JGSS796GLQ

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