The First 19 Minutes of Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition on Nintendo Switch

Check out the first 19 minutes of Hyrule Warriors running on Nintendo Switch! Hyrule Warriors Definitive Edition Review …


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  1. Whoever playing this game must not have ever played a Zelda game before. Whenever a boss in Zelda opens it mouth THROW BOMBS IN THERE. Like come on bro it's Dodongo.

  2. I'm not a Zelda fan, but love Koei's Warriors series (It's my second favourite after Yakuza).

    These are the kinds of Switch exclusives which I slightly envy – Co-developments with third parties like Koei.

  3. Id play these games if they added more RPG elements. Its so boring doing nothing but mashing buttons over and over.

  4. Your "review" for this game was terrible IGN, if you can call it a review, you barely talked about the review. Look up Games Brained review for a great HWDE detailed review.

  5. Well! i see new details like more naturally, better shadows, and the brightness, anyway, he doesn't have much, but is a good port and is very fun 🙂

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