Here Is a Puzzling Question – How Big Is a Mining Truck?

All About The Story of A Dump Truck

Technically speaking, a mining truck can be categorized as one of the variants or modifications or versions of the universal dump trucks. For very obvious reasons, these heavy wheels are designed to take weighty loads on their backs. To classify a bit these mining machines, these can be considered as off-road dump trucks.

As indicated on their general title, these wheels are designed to haul or carry heavy dirt and mining loads are intended to be off the road. On the other hand, some mining industries or corporations around the world do not use the word ‘dump’ on their mining trucks these days. However, these heavy dirt hauling machines have two main types and they are the articulating frame and the rigid frame.

Getting Some Measurements and Sizes

Though these dump trucks are now officially accepted as ‘haul trucks’ especially in the United States, the functions of these mining trucks are almost the same. Believe or not, these burly hauling wheels can carry from a hundred to 300 tons of load. Following this line of thought, these ton-carrying machines are even assembled within the mining site because of their colossal sizes and proportions.

One of the largest mining trucks has 7.9 meters (or more or less 26 feet) in terms of its broadness, a twenty-meter span (or 67 feet) in length and weighs about 231105 kilogram or 509500 pounds. This hauling or dump truck model Titian or the 33-19 was made by General Motors (or GM) during the early 1970’s. This particular machine has a whopping hauling capability of up to 350 ton-load. To support its overall weight plus its load, this machine has ten tires that measure 3.4 meters in diameter each (or about 11 feet in diameter).

Though the Titian or the 33-19 is big, the one from Caterpillar is the Biggest

If size does really matter, then the Caterpillar 797 model is the biggest amongst these mining trucks. Created in the late 1990’s, this truck has a loading capacity of 360 tons and an overall (or gross) weight of almost 544310 kilograms or 1.2 million pounds. This huge mining truck has a mechanical drive and an auto power gear diffusion.

These heavy machines may have been created almost a century ago. Nonetheless, their value, in terms of what these machines can do or literally ‘carry’ is really priceless. For this reason, these heavy wheels should be taken care of properly to maximize their usage.

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