Top 7 Unstoppable Trucks and Custom-Made Cars for Your Offroad Challenges

Even though we have mapped the whole planet with space satellites there are probably still places on the mother Earth barely visited by the mankind. If you ever dream to become one of those explorers who wont stop in the face of any hardships and road barriers, you must have an appropriate vehicle to conquer any terrain, drive through swamps and climb mountains! Today we will present you a list of trucks and ATVs that could serve as possible candidates for extreme trips of any level of crazy!

Wondering what offroaders are in this video? Here is the full list:
ZAROOQ SandRacer 500GT
Avtoros Shaman
Toyota Tonka
Ripsaw EV2 and EV3 by Howe & Howe Technologies
Rally Fighter by Local Motors
Marauder from Paramount Group

Feel Good by MBB

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