Top 10 Speed Boats and Luxury Yachts Designed by Popular Car Makers

When one achieves near excellence in a certain field there is always a need for a new challenge. This is the story of some car manufacturers with loud names who decided that since their car products are doing pretty well, why not try out themselves in designing or building something new and extraordinary like power boats and luxury yachts.

Here we will take a look at how successful they are in the unknown field and what beautiful watercraft emerged from this endeavor. Get ready to see BMW, Mercedes, Toyota and many other boats from your favorite auto manufacturers!

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Boats featured in this video:

Lexus Sports Yacht Concept:

In order to boost Lexus image of a luxury brand the company has decided to enter the exclusive business of yacht making. Their first shot at success is a mighty 42-foot long powerboat.

50’ Mercedes-AMG and Cigarette Racing:

Racing team:

The cooperation between the German automaker Mercedes and the Florida, US-based custom boat builder Cigarette Racing Team, has lasted for more than a decade now and the companies managed to produce numerous beautiful speedboats together.

BMW 507 Boat:

BMW 507 Boat is a joint project of BMW and Rambeck based on the engine and design of the 507 roadster.

Brabus Shadow 800:

If you are a fan of Brabus tuned vehicles and you garage already has the full collection, you should consider reserving a spot at the marina for a brand new Brabus Shadow 800 boat. This vessel was designed and built by the collaborative efforts of the German auto tuner and Finnish boat designer Axopar Boats Oy.

Porsche Dynamiq GTT 115:

The Monaco-based company Dynamiq has joined forces with the world famous Studio F.A. Porsche to create an exclusive 115-ft all-aluminum superyacht GTT 115, where GTT stands for Grand Turismo Transatlantic.

Motali by Infiniti’s Alfonso Albaisa:

The senior vice-president for Global Design Alfonso Albaisa who has recently worked on Infiniti Q60 and Prototype 9, presented a three-deck 108-foot luxury ocean yacht named Motali.

Aston Martin AM37 Boat:

The luxury British car manufacturer Aston Martin entered the nautical world in 2017 when they delivered the first models of AM37 day-cruisers to the customers.

Mercedes-Benz Arrow460-Granturismo:

Mercedes-Benz Arrow460-Granturismo is a 960 hp luxury motor yacht designed by Mercedes with a start price of $1.7 million.

Toyota Ponam-31:

Toyota Ponam-31 is a compact Sports Utility Cruiser with 2 diesel engines from Land Cruiser Prado SUV and a total output of 512 hp.

Maserati Multi 70:

The Maserati Multi70 is a new-generation MOD70 ocean going trimaran that can glide across the vast ocean blue at the speeds up to 46 mph or 40 knots.


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