Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News – Russian Sanctions, Adoption in Africa, & Vitalik’s New Job

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency news Ethereum’s Vitalik new job at Google, Russia sanctions, Walmart goes on the blockchain, and adopton growing in Africa.

Iran and Russia

Japan Akamai



BitPESA goes Global

South Africa ATMs

South Africa Gets Its First Cryptocurrency ATM

Bitcoin ATM map

Vitalik and Google

Bitcoin Cash Funding Proposal

Crypto Tribalism

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  1. cryptocurrency is a scam! only people making money are dumb youtubers who are affiliates of these ico's. only dumb fcuks invest in cryptocurrency!,,,,

  2. The Globalists and banksters are creating this anti-crypto facade to bait the masses into voluntarily accepting a global currency. They want us to think this is a revolution. They want us to think this is our way of getting our freedom back. We're patting ourselves on the back while walking straight into the slaughter house. There is nothing more centralized than a currency that is 100% reliant on electricity and the internet. Turn either one off and POOF we have nothing.

  3. As if Vitalik would "work" with that centralised behemoth… He would have to be one of the strongest advocates of decentralisation the space has. Let them go the way of the other fascist dicatators like FB et al who will undoubtedly introduce their own shitty centralised coins

  4. First time ever I do not agree with You CryptoLark on something serious…


    May be hard to decide whether they are just or not, however You really too quick in judgment this time.

    I am from a country in Central Europe – suffering long time from threats and power play of Russia. Who never recognised us as independent entity. Our wish to be with other European nations – Russia interpreted that we were unjustly grabed away by West from their domination.

    They proudly make clear how they militarilly strong, parade their ships, submarines and planes in waters and airs of neighbouring countries. Talk about their tanks reaching Bukurest or other Capitals in several hours and so on. Than they grab part of neighbouring country. It is painfull.

    What to do?
    Sanctions work (that’s why it is worth for them to evade)

  5. if big corporate investors will ever come, then they'll for sure sell bitcoin to make more money them self … forget that they will ever buy this market and make you guys rich! they are not crazy!! they know small investors are buying all the time up until now, so they are going to sell it!!! can't you see it?!?

  6. google, to gather and exploit all of your data and get richer from it. google is under the same roof as the banks

  7. Hi Crypto Lark, Olympus Labs seems to be getting better, now has Ledger Nano S and Trezor options on their mobile wallet on Google Play store and you can trade through Kyber Network! Would it be possible to do a review soon please? Thanks:)

  8. I just saw the movie "the cleaners". Eventhough they didn't talk about crypto, I just thought: Crypto can change so much. Net neutrality and economic access really can make the world a better place. Stop the tribalism. There is more than enough hate out there already…

  9. Hello Lark !!! In 2:20 you mentioned in Japan a blockchain working at 1 million TPS. Meanwhile in USA, TERNIO released audit/verification of 1million+ TPS using a new protocol called LEXICON, in Stellar Network. Also, they are having their second AMA in May 23th. I will be researching more about it.

  10. Thanks for your opinion re: sanctions. Spot on. Then, it goes a level deeper with who/what controls the US. hmm
    Speaking of tribalism, it doesn't sound 'cheesy' to want a better world. That's why I got into crypto yrs ago. 🙂

  11. In 2018 I saw many positive reviews about the work of HITBTC. The exchange has become much faster to fix the problems of traders and it’s encouraging

  12. Investment bias. It's absolutely disgusting. It turns us into slobbering buffoons, making fools of ourselves. I've been lucky in that I haven't fallen victim of temptation to say any of the many retarded things that come to mind when I'm scared my investment may come in second to another on a list of market capitalization. Though I may as well have for the fact that doing a thing in your heart is just the first step in doing it in the material. It was funny to hear Richard Hart joke about having experienced this unsavory feeling and acted upon it when he had fear that ethereum would steamroll Bitcoin. I'm pretty sure no one is immune to these embarrassing things but it's important that we catch them early on before they snowball and we find ourselves saying one noxious thing after another defending what we started out saying, backing ourselves into a corner and either keep punching our way down the drain or deal with the slimy stench of embarrassment. A wise man once said; "Take a look at the man in the mirror, and make a change". I'm pretty sure he was talking to the crypto community

  13. I think we need a Crypto-Streetfighter/M.K. style tournament to prove once and for all the One True Blockchain!
    Just j/k hopefully these interoperability protocols will succeed and all chains will inter-operate in scale-ability and in harmony.

  14. I get that the US is selling lies by saying we are "free" but it should be obvious that the nature of staying in power requires some power plays. so we have to ask, would we want to see russia and iran as the world power? they have no qualms about making people who go against their power structure "go away" I'm huge on crypto ,I do hope that the more enlightened majority keep the power hungry minority in check with crypto.I guess we'll see.

  15. The Coinbase thing as well as Roger Ver is what put a bad taste in my mouth about Bcash. I don't even think that coin has a community. I think it was people who understand Ver is an above average scammer who'll continue to shill his product and burn BCH so that the value increases.

  16. I absolutely agree..people are nasty..I mentioned I own TRX and Icon fans go nutz.. Hello, I own ICON too …. eye roll …why not hold both….I also have eth and ada and dgb…

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