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  1. It does look great. I am really into David Cage games and when Kara was introduced in 2012 for the tech demo, I was one of the people who begged to make Kara an actual game. But I am still a bit hesitant to buy this after the mediocre (and sometimes straight up awful) Beyond: Two Souls.

  2. Only an 8? You spoke so highly of it this entire video. Yes there were a few negatives but you didn't make them sound bad enough to knock it down 2 points.
    I like xbox but all these awesome looking games that PlayStation gets are really making me frustrated.

  3. ACG said that this game is about 30 hours long if you try to do everything instead of rushing through the story. Laymen Gaming said that he was about 25 hours in and not even done with the game. THAT'S GREAT!

  4. It deserves 10/10, the amount of effort pushed to this game is well beyond what you succeed compare to Mass effect andromeda, multiple people facial model, actors, and etc

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