Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Impressions: Redemption Time!

Galaxy S21 Ultra makes some tweaks and drops the price! Here’a first look. S21/S21+ Impressions: MKBHD Merch: http://shop.


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About the Author: Marques Brownlee


  1. i just bought this…i don't like the price…I love Samsung Galaxy…this is an upgrade for me from the Galaxy Note 8 ( which i still have)…the note 21 isn't available….yet//love to U Marques…

  2. Scamsung plss stop this adds shit in your phones even flagship lineups are getting adds, even xaomi is moving away from the adds shit.???

  3. If yall good just keep making the S9 at an cheap price point, I'd be seriously happy. I keep my head phone jack, wired and wireless charging, perfect specs everywhere else for anyone who isn't trying to be a Cinematic Producer of some sort.

  4. i used to be one of those babies that cried about the headphone jack, but ever since i got galaxy buds, ive never EVER used the headphone jack on my phone

  5. i want one but my note 9 still works? I've never had a phone stick around for so long despite being as beat up as it is this thing is a fucking champ

  6. Bro your review sucks… u can get all the new devices but we can't….. u have the opportunity to promote but we can't…. galaxy s21 ultra was the worst ?.. u got that free but I've bought it US $ 900 at least… please transfer that to taka… camera worst and everything was made up

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