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  1. quality of the animations and abilities, interactions a 8. coop and fun is a 9. but overall. I'd give it a 7. sam age differention is disorienting and immersion breaking… and despite this golden master piece, it still needs polishing. and the guy who reviwed this graphics? you played it on a lackluster system and probably not the best tv…… do more research, dont face value your experience. graphics are gorgeous.

  2. I gave up on Splinter Cell after Double Agent and Conviction. But after reading the Splinter Cell books again looked online to see if there were any more new books or games coming out. I forgot all about Blacklist. And noticed the reviews were decent and found this review. I actually picked up a used copy today and I will admit I enjoy it. Chaos Theory was my favorite game of the series. Blacklist bought me some joy by stepping back into the shadows a bit. Though, I would like if the next Splinter Cell game were to go with a more classic Splinter Cell feel. Don't remove all of the stuff from Blacklist but make it a little more about stealth, hiding in the shadows. And bring back the original (Chaos Theory) Spies vs Mercs.
    I understand games need to evolve. Though, if they were good to begin with than they should keep the heart of the game. In Splinter Cells case. Stealth, shadows, espionage. Not a run and gun trigger happy crappy let's take the name of a franchise and turn it into something else. It's like if you took Sonic the Hedgehog and made him a slow runner…. lol

  3. They made the perfect stealth game in chaos theory and went away from it when making conviction. It seems like they learned nothing when making this game. Double Agent was the last good splinter cell game, which is a shame.

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